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Safe, efficient and versitile our telebelts are ideal for any application.

Link Concrete is up for any challenge; our job is to save you time and labour. There is no such thing as a perfect worksite.  Crowded, low clearance, limited access or rough, muddy terrain we are here to help.

Application Versatility

• Flexible 360-degree rotation

• Smooth operation

• Slab pours

• Concrete pour

• Material placement

• Drainage rock

• Aggregates up to 4″

• Gravel

• Base pour

• Landscaping

• Protecting foundation walls

• Backfilling in lifts

• Filling in hard to reach areas

• Septic fields

• Porous material installation

• Perfect for highly scrutinized concrete pours

• No loss of air-entrainment

• Reclamation & remediation services

• Sensitive ecosystem material placement

• Land rehabilitation

• Sustainable drainage system

• With a 110′ reach we keep the material truck at the curb

• No separation

• No slump loss

• Poured concrete foundation services

• Weeping tile drainage rock installation

• Final grading

• Decorative rock and mulch placement

• Stream/River restoration/reclamation

• Landscape development precise placement

• Pervious concrete pours

• Covers long distances in enclosed structures

• Low unfolding height

• Smooth continuous operation

• Provides a solution to complex logistics

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